Insurance Plans Accepted:

AETNA - BCBS - Magellan - Medicare - MSA / Self-Pay  

Therapeutic activities are conducted with the client and/or family with a personalized treatment plan that encourages the client and/or family to take charge of their lives.

Mélange Health Solutions promotes the wellness of our clients by providing an array of services that optimizes physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Behavior therapy reinforces positive behaviors such as respecting authority, following directions & completing goals. Its based on the belief that behaviors are habits that can be learned an unlearned.

Child & Adolescent Behavior Therapy

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Individual & Family Therapy

To identify individual needs and develop a comprehensive care plan, our clinicians will collect in-depth information regarding the client’s environment and functional level.

Diagnostic Assessment

“I graciously thank you Mélange Health Solutions, as you most definitely have been the solution for my family. Our counselor has and continues to inspire us, as she has tirelessly pushed us forward, and provided us with hope and strength.”