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Service Delivery: Team Mélange

  • Service delivery and client care are accomplished through the collective talents of Team Mélange.
  • Mélange's product is our people - they are inseparable!
  • To deliver outstanding service and exceed our clients expectations, Mélange must be a GREAT PLACE TO WORK

A Great Place to Work

The Dimensions of a Great Place to Work


  • Means our leaders and coaches regularly communicate with teammates about the company's direction and plans.
  • Soliciting everyone ideas.
  • Involves coordinating people and resources efficiently and effectively, so that employees know how their work relates to the company's goals.
  • Integrity is an unquestioned part the business model and values.
  • Words must be followed by action. “Walk the talk”


  • Providing teammates with the equipment, resources,
    and training they need to do their job.
  • Means appreciating good work and extra effort.
  • Includes reaching out to teammates and making them partners in the company's activities
  • Fostering a spirit of collaboration across teams and
    creating a work environment that's safe and healthy.


  • Economic success is shared equitably through compensation and benefit programs
  • Everybody receives equitable opportunity for recognition
  • Decisions on hiring and promotions are made impartially
  • Our Workplace embraces diversity and is free of discrimination
  • Clear processes for handling disputes
  • To be fair, we must also be just

Pride and Camaraderie

  • Our workplace becomes a community.
  • Teammates take pride in their job, their team, and their company.
  • Teammates feel that they can be themselves at work.
  • Teammates celebrate the successes of their peers and cooperate with others throughout the organization.
  • Teammates take pleasure in their work - and in the people they work with - in a deep and lasting way.
  • Teammates want to stay around for their careers.

A Great Place to Work

In a great workplace, how people are treated adds significantly to the competitive advantages available to the organization.

Great workplaces benefit from the following:

  • Receive more qualified job applications for open
  • Experience a lower level of turnover.
  • Experience reductions in health care costs.
  • Enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction and
    customer loyalty.
  • Foster greater innovation, creativity and risk taking.
  • Benefit from higher productivity and profitability


Our Goal:

  • Internal Fairness
  • External Competitiveness

Compensation is viewed as portfolio of offerings

  • Salary – Mélange offers competitive salaries in the search for top talent. Individual salary growth is driven by assuming greater leadership responsibilities and individual performance.
  • Benefits and Wellness programs – designed to support member of Team Mélange in pursuing healthy and productive life choices for self and family.
  • Award Programs - We recognize extraordinary efforts that have a positive impact on our clients and business through our awards and recognition programs, which may apply for individuals or teams.

Community Service

  • Community service remains a cornerstone of the Team Mélange culture, and we dedicate our time and resources to support it.
  • Our dedication arises not from an institutional mandate but from our shared values that embraces service to others and involvement in the communities that support our lives and our livelihood.
  • Each full-time Teammate is allowed 1 paid hour each week to volunteer with a non-profit organization.

Professional Development

  • Mélange encourages professional development through certification/licensure. Certification enhances the recognition of the individual, Team Mélange and our profession. Certification also provides our clients with a mechanism to gain confidence that appropriate education, skills, knowledge and experience have been attained by the Mélange professionals providing services.
  • Mélange will reimburse each staff member for the costs associated with certification/licensure upon successful attainment of certification (identified below). Reimbursable cost include: exam fees, application fees, certified transcript cost. Annual renewal fees or professional membership dues to maintain certification will also be reimbursed.
  • Additionally, for each certification attained, Mélange will award a one-time recognition award as outlined below (from $500 - $1,000).
  • If a staff member leaves the organization before completing 24 months of service, post certification, reimbursed costs of certification/licensure and financial award will become payable back to Mélange. This program does not apply to staff already holding specified certification/licensure except for annual renewal fees or professional membership dues to maintain certification.

Professional Development: Certifications

Ed. Req.
Work Exp.
Hrs. Clinical
Exam Req.
Exam Costs
Certified Social Worker (CSW)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
2 yrs.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
2 yrs.
Licensed Psychologist (LP)
2 yrs.
Spiritual Counselor, Certified
Online Certif. Program