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Child and Family Services

Intensive In-home Counseling Program Brochure (click here)

What is Intensive-In Home (IIH) Counseling?
Intensive-In Home (IIH) counseling is a highly effective family counseling program for children and adolescents. The youth’s symptoms can range from acting out, to conduct disorders, to alcohol and/or substance abuse. Services are provided in the child’s home and community.

Why community based Care?
Children and adolescents with behavioral health challenges live in families attend school and participate in communities.

Mélange clinical staff provides treatment in homes, schools and the community to offer healing and real hope to children in settings where they live and function.

By going into the home, Mélange clinicians will have access to a families’ living environment and often to family members who would not otherwise participate in the treatment process. They are able to foster safer and more constructive homes with parents /caregivers, family and natural supports who are better integrated into the treatment program.

Working in schools offers an opportunity for Mélange staff to interact with teachers and our clients to facilitate effective learning environments for children and youth with learning and behavior challenges.

The result is that entire families and support systems are changed and individuals who would not otherwise participate in the treatment process are engaged. Children are offered improved environments in which they can more effectively manage their challenges and work towards their goals.

System of Care
The Mélange treatment program for children and adolescents operate within a system of care model. The program recognizes the importance of family, school, and community and seeks to promote the potential of every child and youth, regardless of mental health challenge.

A system of care is a coordinated network of community-based services and supports that is organized to meet the challenges of children and youth with mental health needs and their families. Mélange staff and clients work in partnership with public and private organizations so services and supports are effective, build on the strengths of individuals, and address each person’s cultural and linguistic needs. A system of care aims to help children, youth, and families function better at home, in school, and in the community throughout life.