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Clinical / Licensure Supervision Services

Mélange Health Solutions provides clinical supervision services for Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®)   / Applied Behavior Analysis  programs and individuals working toward their licensure as:
o   Licensed Psychologist
o   LPA
o   LCSW
 o  LPC
Our supervisors are seasoned clinicians, who have expertise in a variety of modalities, theoretical orientations, populations, and specialties.
All candidates should consult with their respective Board with regard to licensure requirements.
Our clinicians are available for in-office and group supervision for up to 6 people.
Group sessions are generally 60 minutes with 2-6 supervisees in attendance.
PhD Level Supervision Session                      $100 per session
Masters Level Supervision Session                $ 75 per session
Group Supervision Sessions                            $ 30 per session
All payments are due before the start if each session.
We understand that supervisor and supervisee relationships are extremely important; Therefore, we offer a trial session for all interested candidates to determine if a member of our team is are a match for your supervision needs.
Supervision Philosophy
o   Supervision is a vital part of professional growth and must be taken seriously.
o   We use a collaborative, client-centered and strengths-based approach, which is emphasized in supervision. 
o   Supervision will be educational and supportive
o   Assignments will be given as needed
o   Candidates will be active learners (and teachers) in the process of supervision
o    Skills will be developed that can be used in current work place while in supervision
o   Supervision requires trust and openness and is a relationship that will inspire, motivate, encourage and teach.
o   We all can learn and teach throughout our lifetime
o   Supervision is ongoing growth for all involved in the process.
o   Effective supervision can help us become better professionals to help others effectively with empathy and professionalism.
What comes next?
o   Schedule a face-to-face meeting with a member of our team. There is no charge for this meeting.
o   You may meet with any member of our team that has openings to accept new candidates in their supervision schedule.
o    If there is agreement to work together, the following is required:
o       Resume or curriculum vita
o       Transcript
o       Two professional references
o       Complete supervision payment agreement
o       Proof of professional liability insurance or employment with organization that offer liability  coverage
Candidates can expect the following:
o   Individual weekly sessions and group supervision when feasible
o   Structured Sessions
o   Feedback and guidance on counseling techniques, application of theories
o   Review of case notes as is appropriate.
o   Case study, direction and discussion
o   On-Call Clinical Support
Examples of supervision session included but not limited to:
  1. Psychopharmacology
  2. Conflict resolution
  3. Crisis Management
  4. DSM IV TR
  5. Code of Ethics
  6. Case Presentations
  7. Practice methodologies
  8. Case Management
  9. Progress Notes Documentation
  10. Forensic Psychology
  11. Psychological Testing
  12. Regulatory environment
  13. Evidenced Based interventions
  14. HIPPA
  15. Professional development
  16. Communication strategies
  17. Social Environment
  18. Time Management
  19. Stress-reduction techniques
  20. Spirituality and counseling
  21. Client centered approach
  22. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
  23. Family therapy interventions
  24. Group Intervention
  25. Evidenced based practice
  26. Play Therapy
  27. Substance Abuse
  28. DSS/DJJ Cases
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