JoAnn Abdo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience in both health and emotional health related issues.  She has a client-centered, strengths based approach that enhances a sense of self and allows a safe place to explore change.  She is encouraging and explores with clients feelings of depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, career issues, coping with chronic health problems, and financial discord. JoAnn believes that a person's mental and health wellness are vital in living a balanced and healthy life.   Her goal is to to help clients find the right tools for change, to find that better quality of life.

License:  LCSW


MSSW - Social Work, University of Wisconsin, Madison
MS - Gerontology/Community Development, University of Missouri, Columbia


  1. NASW Clinical Supervision
  2. Oncology Social Work
  3. Register of Clinical Social Workers

Therapy Provided Locations: 

  1. Office Based

  2. Home 

  3. Community